PUMA – The Graphic Heritage

In 1948, Rudolf Dassler established a sports shoe factory in a small town in Germany with just a few employees. In the decades to follow, his company PUMA grew into one of the world’s most important sports and lifestyle brands. Illustrated with selected objects and images from the corporate archives, this book visually chronicles for the first time this fascinating success story.

Over the course of the years, PUMA has written its own unique design history. In this book, the graphic evolution of the global brand is reconstructed piece by piece: from the first letterhead of the early postwar years and global campaigns created by renowned design agencies, to the creation of iconic sneaker lines, such as TRINOMIC or DISC, and innovative typography for football jerseys. With nearly 1,000 rare illustrations, readers gain remarkable insight into the special relationship between sport and design.

»There is no quality without passion.«
— Rudolf Dassler, 1968

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